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Nordic Kata Judo Open Tournament 2019

Invitation as PDF

Welcome to the 11th Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament to be held in the southern part of Sweden in the city of Kristianstad. We invite you to the nest of kata in Sweden were two of the country’s greatest kata-judokas train daily. You will also have the opportunity to experience a wide spread of Swedish culture.

Are you excited to participate? We are!

Date & time
August 24th, 2019, starting at 10.00.

Competition Place
The tournament will take place in Kristianstad judoklubb dojo, Björkhemsvägen 7a, 291 54 Kristianstad, Sweden.

Competition katas
Nage no kata, Katame no kata, Kime no kata, Ju no kata and Kodokan Goshin Jutsu

Point system
Points are awarded in accordance with the EJU/IJF scoring system using the Kodokan standard/Kodokan DVD’s as reference.

Competitors must have a minimum grade of 1.kyu and must be at least 18 years old.

Each couple can consist of 2 men or 2 women or mixed man and woman. Participants are allowed to compete in three different kata. Only a clean white judogi in good repair and of correct dimensions is to be used for the event. Female competitors must wear a white T-shirt under the judogi.

Registration and financial check will be held in Kristianstad judoklubb, on Friday August 23th from 19:00 to 20:00 or on Saturday August 24th from 8.30 to 9.30. Contact Patrik Lindblom for other arrangements.

Entry Fees
Competition fee is 85 € per couple per kata.


Kata workshop and kata seminar
On Friday, August 23th there will be an open kata workshop aimed at providing answers to questions that the participants have regarding different aspects of the competition kata. The workshop is led by Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkel 7.dan and Ulla Loosen 6.dan.

On Sunday, August 25th, there will be an advanced kata seminar led by Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkel 7.dan and Ulla Loosen 6.dan. The seminar will focus on how to compete in kata and understand the different aspects of judo through kata training. Special attention will be given to Nage-no-kata and Katame-No-kata.

Entry Fee
Workshop on Friday are included in the competition fee.
Seminar fee on Sunday is 40 € per person.


Farewell party
The farewell party will take place in Åhus, at the birthplace of Absolut vodka. A description of the guided tour says: “This experience will take you behind the scenes and show you how one of the world’s finest vodkas is made. You will experience a journey through craftsmanship and innovation and meet the people, creativity and vision behind the brand.

For the first time, we are also opening the doors to our distillery, and you will see firsthand how our vodka is produced. The experience will end with us sharing our best cocktail making tips. There will also be a non-alcoholic alternative.”

After the tour we will eat dinner at the house of Absolut home.  

Entry Fee
Absolut home experience and dinner, 90 € per person.



Official Hotel
Quality Hotel™ Grand, Västra Storgatan 15, 291 21 Kristianstad

Hotel reservations are made ONLY through the Organizer, see inscription below.

Airport and train
Nearest airport – Copenhagen Airport. The fastest transfer to Kristianstad from the airport is by commuter train, 90 minutes, leaves every hour at xx.02. You can also choose xx.22 every hour with a train change at Hässleholm C, 119 minutes. You easily connect to the train and buy tickets on the airport. For further information see www.skanetrafiken.se

From Kristianstad C it´s 2 minutes’ walk to the official hotel.

Please let us know your state of arrival.


Entry Fees


Per couple

Per kata

85 €


Per person


40 €

Farewell party

Per person

Absolute Home experience and dinner

90 €

Hotel incl breakfast

Per one night

Single room per person

80 €

Double room per person

70 €


Special package
We are happy to offer a special package which includes:

  • Hotel fee for two nights with breakfast
  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday
  • Transport hotel-dojo, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • High quality T-shirt
  • Seminar fee 

Price per person

Package price

Single room

270 €

Double room

250 €


To participate, please fill in your information in the link below


Each competitor must do their own registration.
After you sent your registration you will receive a registration number to your e-mail. Please refer to this number together with your name in your payment.

If you have any trouble with your registration, please contact Patrik Lindblom.

Deadlines for application
Inscription tournament July 12th
Inscription farewell party July 12th
Inscription seminar July 12th
Inscription accommodation package July 12th
Hotel reservation must be made before July 12th. Full payment must be received before August 9th. Cancellation Fees: Until July 22th, full refund. From July 23th, no refund.

All payment must be received before August 9th

Travel information August 17th

All payments are to be made to Kristianstad judoklubb,
Bank account: IBAN: SE07 8000 0831 3950 4336 7936 BIC: SWEDSESS


General information

Competitors, judges, coaches and officials must make sure that they have insurances and must assume all responsibility for accident and health as well as the civil liabilities for their competitors and officials during competition and seminar.

The organizer of the Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament will not be responsible for any insurance related matters.

Kristianstad judoklubb and The Swedish judo federation


Competition manager / Information
Patrik Lindblom, +46 70-315 94 72, This is a mailto link

Judge supervisor
Bo Mallander This is a mailto link


Provisional Program






Aug 23th



Quality Hotel™ Grand


17.00 - 20.00

Kata Workshop with Wolfgang

Dax-Romswinkel, Ulla Loosen

Kristianstad judoklubb


19.00 - 20.00

Registration of the participants Judges Meeting

Kristianstad judoklubb

Saturday Aug 24th

08.30 - 09.30

Registration of the participants

Kristianstad judoklubb



A short briefing for Judges

Mat side



Opening Ceremony

Kristianstad judoklubb


10.30 - 16.30

Competition (with lunch break)

Kristianstad judoklubb


18.00 - 21.00

Farewell Party

Åhus, see invitation






Aug 25th

09.00 – 12.00

Kata Seminar with Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkel and Ulla Loosen

Kristianstad judoklubb


12.00 – 13.00




13.00 – 16.00

Kata Seminar continues


Kristianstad judoklubb



Rounding Up






 The tournament is supported by: Kristianstads kommun

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